Note contains information on device types for printers from the producer Konica Minolta. Printers are listed in this document because they are known to exist; therefore, being listed is not a statement that the printer model is supported. Device type for the Mannesmam-Tally T dot matrix printer. SAPlpd 32 bit as of version 4. CNEP is compatible with all releases as of 4. Device type for the Kyocera laser printers F and FS. Device type for line printer IBM

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OCR-fonts are supported, barcode printing is not supported.

sap script can not print barcode in HP laser jet

The character set IBM codepage multilingual is used. Archived discussions are read-only. OCR fonts and barcode printing are not supported. I2HPPS is compatible with all releases sharp ar-p450 pcl6 of 4. Ar-p4550 is compatible with all releases as of 4.

Supported Printers – DirectOfficeâ„¢ Mobile Print

Laser and multiple function printers might be able to automatically select the proper printer emulation mode based on the print data that it is sent. Gestetner printers and multi function devices Sharp ar-p450 pcl6 on Gestetner can be found in note Printer drivers are relevant for forms output with SAPscript. At present, there are five SAPscript printer drivers. For best results, these printers should sharp ar-p450 pcl6 in IBM or Epson emulation mode, if possible. None of the above, continue with my search.

Device type for Cyrillic printing e. Resolving the problem This document contains information on the capabilities that are supported on printer hardware from Sharp. CN22PS is compatible with all sharp ar-p450 pcl6 as of 4. PostScript was developed by Adobe, but is used by a number of other printer manufacturers, though typically in laser printers. SAP has no means of verifying the claims on “printer compatibility”.

CN85PS sharp ar-p450 pcl6 compatible with all releases as of 4. LEXT is compatible with all releases 4. On the other hand, the list of device types, above all in conjunction with SAP’s hardware partners, is continually expanded. Not enough information is known about the sharp ar-p450 pcl6 data streams used by this printer to know whether they are host-based. Furthermore, the printer might need to be in a particular emulation mode to work well with the System i. The device type supports Japanese character set.

The printer data stream is a host-based or Windows-only data stream.

IBM Information on Printers from Sharp – United States

OCR-A is included in the printer definition. The printer needs an additional module for these fonts.

Sai Ram Reddy Neelapu replied September 27, at IPP is compatible with all releases 4. OCR-fonts and barcode printing is not supported. Both device types support sharp ar-p450 pcl6 set ISO Latin 1. CN is compatible with all releases as of 4. IPE is compatible with all sharp ar-p450 pcl6 4. Windows printer drivers are used and the character set is ISO Device type for HP LaserJet color laser. Device type for OKI laser printer B OCR-fonts and Barcode printing is not supported.

Since complete compatibility is extremely rare, SAP can offer no assurances regarding the usability af-p450 compatible printers. For information on sharp ar-p450 pcl6 from other manufacturers, please refer to the following documents:.

CNEP is compatible with all releases as of 4. HP Device type for HP mfp. CNCE is compatible with all releases as of 4. HPLJ5 uses new 4. The sharp ar-p450 pcl6 type supports Korean character set.

Device type for the Mannesmann-Tally T dot matrix printer. LEXP is compatible with all releases. The device type supports Simplified Chinese.

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