I have a Toshiba A60 keyboard problem. Can you use the laptop with video on the external monitor? My Toshiba Tecra M1 wont turn on -All there is a blinking amber light on the power symbol. Remove DVD drive and test. February 10, at But when I removed battery and plug charger it working fine, but there is no any light flash status indicator.

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First of all, test your laptop sony vaio pcg-7a2l audio video output on the external monitor. The screen will suddenly go blank and then a few moments later, it appeared to have been powered off completely. February 7, at 9: Then gradually it became harder to turn the laptop on even with the battery and finally it never turns on now.

I already did the whole remove-battery-and-use-only-adapter. If you have two memory modules installed, try removing them one by one.

System board also know as motherboard | Laptop Parts

Should we also try to use battery? This sounds like a problem with the inverter board or backlight lamp. September 22, sony vaio pcg-7a2l audio 4: The laptop starts but the video output on the LCD screen or external monitor is garbled. If you get the same gray lighted screen with vertical lines on both internal and external monitors, most likely there is a problem with the video card.

Thanks sony vaio pcg-7a2l audio potential cause. April 5, at 4: My model is an HP Pavilion dv It appears that the laptop is working as you can barely see the screen with a flashlight. October 11, at 6: I guess I was right, the motherboard is fried. August 21, at 9: Ive tried new memory, tested hard drive, reapplied new thermal grease cpg-7a2l all heatsinks, checked all cables were connected, etc.

December 30, at I would like to know what the problem is. I have a Compal AL51 based system: August 14, at 2: Is there a fuse or something on sony vaio pcg-7a2l audio motherboard that can be replaced. Does this mean a motherboard failure?

The CD rom will write CDs only sometimes and now the keyboard has stopped working. Should we leave it on and not shutdown.

System board also know as motherboard

Thanks for your help. August 14, at 8: The lights came on but the screen was black like nothing was loading.

sony vaio pcg-7a2l audio I have a friends laptop here. Did they really replace the motherboard as they said? After about a minute of 2 of black nothing. April 6, at February 28, at 9: It worked on the second time I switched it on.

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